What to expect after a Hair Transplant

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2 min readMay 21, 2021


People who suffer from alopecia at one time or another in their lives have considered having a hair transplant but what to expect after this procedure? What does recovery look like?

On the first day after surgery, a shampoo and sponge will be provided for use during the first few days, the bruising and redness of the donor and recipient area will begin to fade, however, you will continue to see these symptoms for another week.

Starting on day two, you may notice swelling around the forehead that will peak on the fourth day and then begin to fade.

On the fifth and seventh day after, the hair transplant can be considered permanent, you should no longer have scabs or signs of the surgery on the donor and recipient areas.

Between weeks two and four, the transplanted hair follicles will go into a resting phase and begin to fall out, so do not be alarmed by this. You may also experience the appearance of small pimples in the donor area or transplanted hair, they usually disappear after a few days.

During the second and third month the transplanted hair will start to grow but it will have a fine and thin consistency that may move to the rest of your scalp, but do not worry, the hair will acquire volume in the following months.

From the fourth to the sixth month your hair growth will be more noticeable than before, although it will have considerable volume, it is not the final result.

By six to twelve months you will notice how the transplanted hair will start to grow longer and thicker, so it will be easier to brush.

You will see the final result of the hair transplant between twelve and eighteen months, that’s when you will see the big difference between living with baldness and having hair that will last a lifetime.

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