Advantages of hair transplant with the FUE technique

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2 min readMay 19, 2021

Alopecia or hair loss is usually a common process at a certain age, and although it is not serious, it can cause aesthetic inconveniences to those who suffer from it. To solve them, one of the most effective hair transplantation techniques is the FUE technique, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction.

The FUE technique consists of the extraction of follicular units from the patient’s donor area, which is then grafted back to the area with alopecia. In this technique, follicular units of between one and four hairs are obtained and implanted in one session in the area that needs it. With this, the patient obtains a fast, permanent, harmonious, and natural result.

These are the 9 main advantages of the FUE technique:

1.. Minimally invasive

This is because it is a minor operation, performed in a single session and without the need to adopt strict measures for the pre and post-operative period.

2.- Use of local anesthesia

The application of local anesthesia for the FUE technique facilitates the recovery process, so the patient can go home the same day of the intervention.

3.- Painless

The FUE is a technique that due to its speed and minimal invasiveness does not present subsequent pain for the patient in the areas of donor hair or repopulated hair.

4.- It does not leave visible scars.

The extraction of follicular units is individual and is performed with a very precise clinical material, so it does not leave visible marks. In addition, the density obtained in the repopulated areas avoids the possible visualization of the micro-graft marks.

5.- Extraction of exact hair units

The professional who performs the FUE technique can extract exact hair units according to the client’s wishes, so the client knows at all times what results he’s going to obtain.

6.- The new hair grows continuously.

The grafted hair grows stably after the success of the hair transplant intervention.

7.- There is no loss of sensitivity in the grafted area.

Hair surgery with the FUE technique is a minor intervention, which does not generate problems of rejection or loss of sensitivity.

8.- Easy aftercare

Care after hair grafting with the FUE technique is simple. One of them is to apply a saline solution of physiological serum to maintain hydration in the three days following the intervention. The follicle recipient area should be washed with Kelual shampoo. On the other hand, the follicle donor area should be washed with water and cream should be applied to improve healing.

9.- Natural results

The final objective of the hair graft is to obtain an optimal and natural result. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the grafted hair belongs to the patient himself, which gives it a more natural appearance, without visible scars and with guaranteed durability.



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